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For hodlers who prioritize security and privacy and are cautious about sharing exchange access or public addresses.
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Crypto portfolio management

Elevate Your Portfolio Experience

CryptoWulf consolidates all your transactions, providing a comprehensive analysis of your investments and returns. The main dashboard offers a clear overview of your gains, allowing you to track individual coins and stay informed about the current value of your crypto portfolio relative to your investments.

  • Profit Calculations: Gain insights into your profits, offering calculations for each portfolio, individual asset, and transaction.
  • Investment Metrics: Delve into the specifics of your assets. Easily access average price and investment calculations for each individual asset.
  • Portfolio Recalculation: Experience real-time portfolio recalculations.
Porfolio and market analytics

Unlock Deeper Insights

Uncover the true potential of your crypto portfolio with CryptoWulf's analytics. Discover metrics that not only save you money but also pinpoint assets with potential for strategic purchases or sales. Gain invaluable insights into the market landscape and refine your investment strategy.

  • Strategic Analysis: Comprehensive analytics for both long-term and short-term asset planning.
  • Market Timing: Identify cycle tops, cycle bottoms, and pinpoint optimal best-buy areas.
  • Tax-Efficient Profit Taking: Unlock the ability to strategically extract profits while minimizing tax implications

Connect with Your Circle

Forge connections by sharing your crypto journey with friends on CryptoWulf. Showcase your portfolio to the public or exclusively to your chosen friends. With the flexibility to grant read-only access to authorized individuals, you have full control over who can explore your portfolio. Your shared portfolio, your rules.

  • Expand Connections: Follow your friends and stay in the loop with their crypto ventures.
  • Go Public: Share your portfolio openly for the world to see.
  • Controlled Access: Grant read-only access to authorized individuals for a curated sharing experience.
Porfolio Management

Keep the Power over Your Data

Manage your portfolio by exporting or importing data at your convenience, leveraging a universal CSV format for connectivity across diverse platforms. Redefine your portfolio management journey, ensuring no one is trapped on one platform.

  • Your Data, Your Authority: Define and maximize control over your data, putting you in the driver's seat.
  • Flexibility Unleashed: Enjoy the freedom to export and import positions at any moment.
  • Universal Connectivity: Simplify integration with a universally adaptable CSV structure, ensuring seamless connections with various platforms.
Upcoming feature

Streamline Your Staking, Amplify Your Portfolio

  • Privacy Assurance: Safeguard your blockchain addresses with no need for disclosure, ensuring confidentiality and security.
  • Seamless Staking Experience: Customize preferences for automatic rewards without manual involvement.
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  • 2 portfolios
  • 20 assets
  • 200 transactions
  • CSV import / export
  • Price predictions
  • Access shared portfolios
  • Access shared predictions
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Market analytics


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Unleash the Beast.

  • All basic and future features
  • 20 portfolios
  • 200 assets per portfolio
  • 2,000,000 transactions
  • Share your portfolio with the public or up to 50 people
  • Share your predictions with the public or up to 50 people
  • Advanced portfolio analytics
  • Advanced market analysis
  • Stacking support

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Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms is CryptoWulf available?

CryptoWulf will be natively available on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The apps are fully implemented and will be released in two cycles. Android and Windows will be released in the first cycle, with iOS and macOS following shortly thereafter in the second cycle.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we support everything that is accepted by Google Play Store.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day trial and grace period. After that, depending on your subscription plan, you may be able to cancel at certain times. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the app's settings. If you're eligible, you may also be able to receive a refund.

Where is my data stored?

We take the security and privacy of your data seriously at CryptoWulf. Your data will be stored on Microsoft Azure servers located in North Europe. We make every effort to ensure that your data is stored securely and protected against unauthorized access. We only collect data that is essential to the functioning of our platform and do not collect any blockchain addresses or other sensitive information. You have complete control over your data and can delete your account and data at any time.

How to get support for the product?

You can reach us anytime at [email protected], and we welcome your feedback or suggestions for missing features. Our team is always working hard to make CryptoWulf the best it can be.